[ world objects handmade for home ]

MUIMA* is a homegrown business based on Barcelona in the
Mediterranean coast.

After living several years in Morocco, already back in Barcelona,
I created [ La casa de cotó ], handmade collection of object for the home. I design and make with crochet, rugs, ottoman, pillows and blankets.

Born shortly after MUIMA*, is a fair trade International online shop with curated items for the home.

I started in Morocco, with a selection of unique objects. Vintage carpets, quilts and cushions. Blankets woven in handlooms with wool and cotton. Produced in close collaboration with craftsmen locales.

Montse Fernandez
.:Owner, Maker, Designer, Articles selector, Photography

MUIMA* is found in:

Passeig de l' Exposició
08004 Barcelona

PH: + 34 620215197

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